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Our entrepreneurial vision stems from our family's values. We offer the best gift of our trees and our land to the lovers of fine food. We aim to become a model for other producers of the region to follow, but also ambassadors of quality,

authentic Greek products abroad.
Using the same traditional harvesting methods that our family has been applying since four generations, we cultivate 1000 olive trees and we are the first producers to follow the

principles of organic farming in the region, currently in the process of organic certification.

Our family business is managed by young people, who consider the production of

our single varietal extra virgin olive oil as a life purpose. Being dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of the taste quality of our product, we are constantly updated on the latest culinary trends and

technologies around the world of olive oil. We aim to combine an extrovert business attitude with deep knowledge of the traditions of local oliviculture, which we are continuously rediscovering through systematic ethnographic and

ethnobotanical research.

Our vision is to establish our Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calypso in the best markets of the world, while following a code of ethics shaped by the

principles of sustainability, love for nature and respect for the consumer.

All the way from our olive grove to the product to your plate,

the Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calypso is made with thought, love and craftsmanship.

The Region

The northeastern coast of the Mediterranean represents a region endowed with unique landscapes, characterized by lofty mountains, legendary rivers, lush forests and a vast coastline. A unique crossroads of

cultural and natural interactions:
the mystic land of Thrace.

In mythology, Thrace was the sister of Europe, Libya and Asia. It is the birthplace of eminent mythical and historical figures

of the ancient Hellenistic world such as Dionysus, Orpheus and Aesop, but also Spartacus, Democritus, Diomedes, Protagoras, Leucippus, Evmolpus and Oeagrus. This area in mentioned by Homer in his epics, with the cave of the

legendary Cyclops Polyphemus located just a few meters outside our village, Makri.

The diversity of altitudes, microclimates and landscapes combined with the high

degree of intercultural exchange in a relatively small geographic area, accounts for the formation of a unique culinary culture that combines elements of the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Anatolia. Over the centuries, Thrace was

- and still is - a crossroads of flavors, colors and traditions. Today, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of local specialties, such as the “pitas” (pies) and pastas in the mountainous areas, traditional sausages, aromatic distillates

and of course seafood, which is abundant and always fresh.

The region produces one of the most valuable Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils, extracted from the ancient

indigenous olive variety of "Makri", which is one of the northernmost populations of Olea europaea L. worldwide.
The ancient trees are an integral part of the local landscape since centuries, adorning dozens of archaic monuments

and prehistoric sites along the Thracian coast.

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Producer: Aggeliki Bampala
Pentalofou 6
Alexandroupoli 681 00

Our Land

Our olive oil comes from carefully cultivated trees that thrive in clean, healthy soils full of life. We follow innovative methods to increase fertility, always respecting the biodiversity and the structure of the soil.

Calypso | Biodiversity
Calypso | Landscape by CalypsoTree, on Flickr
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Our aim is to gradually increase organic matter with the application of organic plant and animal manure, zeolite, effective microorganisms and our self-made compost.

Our Trees

Our trees have their own unique story. The indigenous olive variety "Makri" represents one of the northernmost populations of Olea europaea L. worldwide. The ancient trees are exposed since centuries to the south,

salty and humid winds crossing the Aegean Sea, as well as cooler ones that come from the north. This forms a unique microclimate which is characterized by cold winters and dry summers. Coupled by the organoleptic properties of the

ancient variety, this distinct microclimate shapes the unique taste personality of Calypso.
The wild olive trees descending from the southern slopes of the Rhodope Mts.

and reaching out to the Thracian coast were traditionally grafted with domesticated olive varieties by our ancestors. This was the only way for the trees to survive to the local climatic conditions.

These same trees we grow today, with love and responsibility, in order to offer you the best of the land of Thrace.

Our Olive Grove

We treat our olive grove as a living ecosystem. Therefore, we apply sustainable methods of autonomous management, following an approach that is in harmony with the rhythms of nature. The conservation of local biodiversity is

our strongest incentive, which is expressed by the large number of herbs and tree species, as well as local vegetable varieties growing under our olive trees.

Because of the cooler, though coastal local climate, the harvest and immediate olive oil extraction begins in late October and lasts until the first days of November, later than in most regions of Greece and the Mediterranean.

For better aeration of the olives, immediately after harvesting and sorting by hand, the drupes are placed in perforated plastic cases that reach the village press for extraction on the same day. The uniqueness of

the olive variety of Makri and the small amount of our production (ca. 1,400 liters per harvest), makes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calypso a special culinary rarity. Because of the cooler, though coastal local climate, the harvest and immediate

olive oil extraction begins in late October and lasts until the first days of November, later than in most regions of Greece and the Mediterranean.

Our Olive Oil
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Calypso is a premium quality Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a unique taste and nutritional value given to it by the centuries-old trees, the distinct olive variety, the climate of the region and the biological way of

production. We produce this exceptional olive oil from olives that are harvested and sorted by hand slightly before their maturity.

This endows our olive oil with an emerald

green color, high density and the typical peppery and fruity aromas of the fresh, unripe olive. The velvety texture is characterized by touches of the artichoke scent, while a well-trained palate will also discern a fragrance reminiscent of the

marigold (Tagetes sp.) flower. Due to the low temperatures during harvesting and processing of always fresh olivea, the acidity of Calypso is among the lowest observed (between 0.2% and 0.3%).

Our Olive Oil
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The Brand

Logo design: With a single pen stroke, we portray all the elements that inspire our brand: a young, beautiful woman and an ancient olive tree. Made of a single indigenous olive variety of, our olive oil merges the experience and tradition of

centuries, along with the quality and the very symbolisms of Calypso: wellbeing and longevity. The colors we used for our logo as well as our entire brand identity (packaging, website, social media presence) are derived from the natural

color palette of our ancient olive grove.

Packaging: We chose a simple and unadorned olive oil bottle, which expresses our fundamental philosophy: focus on authenticity rather than luxury.

The bottle is made ??of dark glass to protect its valuable content from sunlight which may reduce the quality of the olive oil. The paper label and the material of the bottle follow all leading environmental standards

for olive oil packaging.

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The Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calypso is the perfect accompaniment for delicate, nutritious and tasty dishes and is ideal for a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet.

We are sharing with you some of the classic traditional recipes of Thrace.
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